Here is a breakdown of our key civil engineering specialisms. We have a track record of successful project delivery in each of these areas, as shown by our case studies and testimonials.


Sewer flooding

Flood prevention and drainage

Flood alleviation and prevention works

Sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS)

Drainage systems for Section 104 adoptions

Flood risk assessments and drainage strategies for developments

Hydraulic modelling


Sewer pipes

Sewerage and sewage treatment

Sewerage systems (foul and surface water) – including storage tanks, pumping stations, overflows, control structures and outfalls

Septic tanks, package sewage treatment plants and larger treatment works

Sewer rehabilitation




Estate roads for Section 38 and 278 adoptions

Site layouts – including external works, roads, paving and other infrastructure

Structural arrangements



Blue Moor frog (Rana arvalis) in breeding habitat.

And more

Erosion protection using soft engineering techniques

Ecological enhancements and habitat creation

Preparation of a wide range of engineering drawings and other documentation

Organising and co-ordinating specialist surveys and investigations

Assistance in securing third-party consents – including planning approval and Environment Agency consent for works affecting watercourses


If you would like to know more, or if the project you have in mind is not covered here, please contact us  for further advice.