Nadder Lane, South Molton

This project addressed a sewer requisition for South West Water, serving a new housing development. We designed a new foul sewage pumping station with online storage and over 300 m of rising main, all to Sewers for Adoption standard.


Ellis Meadow, Connor Downs


Image courtesy of Lipscomb Jones Architects

For this new housing development we undertook detailed design of foul sewerage, highway drainage to a new soakaway and individual plot soakaways, as well as overseeing design of the new estate roads. Section 38 and 104 adoption agreements were successfully obtained for roads, highway drainage and foul sewers.


South Wales Earthworks Implementation Schemes

Our work here involved 29 separate sites on the South Wales Main Line where concerns had been raised by Network Rail over watercourse erosion of railway embankments. Working alongside the lead consultant, we were responsible for collating and interpreting site sketches and surveys to produce arrangement drawings for existing and proposed scenarios.

Working to extremely tight deadlines, we also oversaw drawing production by sub-consultants. Solutions included providing scour protection, structure repairs, channel realignment, culverting watercourses and regrading embankments. Numerous scour protection measures were employed, including concrete bags, rock armour, Reno mattresses, turf reinforcement matting and rock rolls. In addition to drawings, deliverables included factual reports and options reports, along with Form 001 and Form 003 Non-Complex documents.

Chapelfield, St Mabyn

For another new housing development we produced a drainage strategy for foul and surface water, including Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) and outline design of drainage infrastructure. Connection to mains drainage was not feasible, so we also designed a package sewage treatment plant for foul sewage, as well as multiple soakaways for highway drainage.

Leamington Sewerage Strategy


Leamington CSO Construction

This £25M strategy upgraded the sewerage system in Leamington Spa, resolving sewer flooding for more than 100 properties. As lead civil design engineers, we designed individual projects within the overall strategy.

Solutions included:

  • 8.5 km of sewer upsizing (including online and offline storage)
  • 4 combined sewer overflows (CSOs)
  • 1.1 km of tunnelling
  • 2 pumping stations
  • 3 river outfalls
  • 1.8 km of sewer rehabilitation
  • A surface water balancing pond

Pipework was routed in a very complex urban environment, with several major crossings of railways, rivers and canals. There were numerous constraints to overcome and key stakeholders to manage.

We managed designs from feasibility to construction and completion, as well as co-ordinating other engineering disciplines and suppliers. Being embedded on site with the construction team gave us great insight into the construction process. This helped in eliminating errors and designing in measures to facilitate construction, thus minimising costs and on-site delays.

We actively supported the team in exploring innovative solutions to meet extremely challenging cost targets, including use of pre-cast concrete structures, new vacuum sewerage technology, new pipe materials and revision of existing standards. We also incorporated environmental enhancements such as otter lay-ups, kingfisher nests, bird and bat boxes, and riverbank reinforcement with willow spiling and brushwood faggots.

Kington Section 101A First Time Sewerage

Here we put together a first time sewerage strategy for a Worcestershire village, providing mains drainage to 46 properties. We were the civil design engineers and designed 900 m of new gravity sewer, a foul sewage pumping station, over 700 m of rising main and an extension to the sewage treatment works with a new rotating biological contactor (RBC) and ancillary structures.

Hazards Green Water Treatment Works

We provided civil design support on this M&E (mechanical and electrical) led project to install an additional treatment process to an existing works. We designed a new above-ground pumping station and process pipework. The pumping station was constructed in pre-cast concrete to save both time and cost.

Blackpool Pit Overflow

We designed a flow control structure, inlet and outfall headwalls and associated pipework for this project to prevent an old china clay pit from overfilling with surface water.